How to get the Top Hires for Your Law Firm

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All law firms want the best talent for their company. People are an asset, and those who are good at their jobs will keep clients coming back. However, the legal industry is very competitive and it can be difficult to attract the right talent to your firm. Whether you’re looking for a law graduate or a lateral partner, you want to make sure you’re hiring the best person for the position.

So how do you go about attracting the top hires to your law firm? Don’t forget that the sector’s top talent has the pick of the bunch when it comes to job offers. Why should they choose your law firm? Making sure you hire only the very best is time consuming and costly. Here are some top tips from the experts in legal search at Crasner Consulting.

Always be on the lookout

A common mistake managers make in all industries is waiting until you have a staffing problem before advertising a position. Why wait until the last minute to find suitable employees? You should always be on the lookout for talent, even if there are no vacant positions at present. Make a note of people who have made an impression on you, and try and headhunt them once a vacancy becomes available.

Legal search expertise

If you publicly advertise a legal job you’ll no doubt have hundreds of applications to sift through. How do you separate the top talents from the rest? There are experts available who can do it on your behalf – a legal search team. Trust an advisory firm with your recruitment as they have already done the difficult job of singling out the best law staff.

Company culture

Of course there is a lot of competition for top legal talent, so if you find your firm is constantly losing out it may be time to make some changes. Take a look at the company culture and identify what makes your company appealing or unappealing to work for. Look after your current employees and they will give you a good reputation as an employer. It’s not just about salary and benefits; think about how you promote internal communication, appreciation and flexible working. A culture that fosters innovation, creativity and respect will usually attract the best workers.

Try out these policies and see if you notice a shift toward top hires.

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