Crasner Consulting is unique in its approach to Diversity and Inclusion. We are pioneers of these key topics in the legal headhunting and management consultancy market. Diversity fosters a culture of varying perspectives and ideas, and this lays the foundation for everything that we do as a business. Differing perspective promotes great debate, and provides our clients not just with insight that challenges the status quo but insight that ultimately meets and exceeds the needs of the international environment that we serve.

Crasner Consulting thrives on cultural awareness and celebration. We were born from sensitivity to and an understanding of cultural issues and were founded on the motto of “always play to your strengths”. We believe our collective strength lies in our s understanding of the international markets and cultures where our clients (law firms) wish to develop.

Our Founding Partner, Nick Crasner, who launched our Diversity Committee, hails from British and Caribbean lineage, speaks English, French and Indonesian and has lived and worked in the UK, Belgium, Southern Africa and South East Asia. Through his experiences in these countries, he has become sensitive to embracing different cultures and this plays a key part in the valuable insight that he delivers to clients. Nick strives to build and maintain an environment that embraces and cherishes people of different backgrounds from all over the world..

Crasner Consulting is made up of a team of multilingual experts that have spent time in all corners of the world. This cultivates an environment of awareness, sensitivity and appreciation for diversity and inclusion, which then resonates in everything that we do both internally within the firm, and externally for our clients.

Our clients truly value our emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion and they appreciate our grasp and empathy on this subject. We help our clients to monitor and respect the principles of Diversity & Inclusion and enhance their businesses through our own commitment as retained search professionals, advisors and management consultants. We understand that our emphasis on diversity and Inclusion makes us a stronger and more attractive supplier to law firms.

Mission Statement:

Crasner Consulting strives for a diverse and inclusive workplace. The firm will stop at nothing to provide opportunities for people of any background. Crasner Consulting recruits, promotes and develops the highest caliber staff and provides a platform for employees, staff and Partners to thrive and reach their full potential. The firm encourages open, healthy debate amongst all levels of the organization with diversity and inclusion as the framework. Crasner Consulting puts diversity and inclusion as a fundamental pillar for growth and drives to recruit and retain people who share these values regardless of race, religion, beliefs, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, age, disability or sexual orientation.
Members of the Crasner Consulting Diversity Committee:

Katie Faulds – Committee Chair
Nick Crasner – Founding Partner and Committee Founder